What comes with the rental price / delivery charge?
You get delivery, pickup, set-up and cleanup of your machine plus Operating instructions, all machines are setup on a convenient cart. Enough mix to make it through your event and not run out A 2.5 gallon Mixing Jug for each flavor you choose to mix it all together conveniently. An extension cord if necessary

How much Alcohol do I need?
You will need 1 liter of alcohol per batch (bag) that you order for your event. If you have a Half Gallon bottle, use just half of that half per batch. Always check with the store where you purchase to make sure you could return any un-opened item.

Should I get the best brand name product available?
It is not necessary to buy the best, that is up to you. Nobody will be able to tell what is in the mix because our mixes are very flavorful. Just buy what’s on sale and have fun!

Do you require a deposit?
We do require a deposit, it will be explained on the invoice that you will receive by email, and the balance paid based on the total amount of mix used, to be paid in full at the conclusion of your event.

Do I need ice too?
NO. All you do is add the mix, water, and alcohol of choice...our machine makes the magic happen!

How long does it take to make frozen drinks?
From the very first batch, we must allow a minimum of 2 hours prior to your event to ensure that everything will be perfect. After that you will keep another batch in the refrigerator and refill often with cold product into the already frozen product in the machine, never empting and never refilling, just adding to.

What do I need to supply?
When we show up you will need to have these items ready:

  • Just the alcohol of your choice and a water source
  • Electricity -- DEDICATED standard 110 circuit with 20 amps.
  • This means NOTHING else should be on this circuit or else The margarita machine WILL NOT WORK Properly. Pick a place that is Within 6 feet of an electrical outlet.
  • If we need to use an extension cord, we will supply it!

So the next morning how do you get your machine back?
Don't worry...we are not morning people either! Generally all pick-ups will be made between 10 am. and 2 pm on Saturdays (for Friday night parties) and 11am to 4 pm on Sundays (for Saturday night parties). We will work with you. If you need it to be picked up earlier, no problem. When we leave the machine, we will set-up a pick-up time with you.

****PLEASE NOTE**** If we arrive at the specified pickup time and nobody is there within 15 minutes, you will be assessed a $50 late fee/return trip fee!!!!